Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Fall Challenge - Owls!

The 2011 fall challenge was a fun project: 

Crocheting miniature owls!

    The pattern for the owl is developed by
Suzette Lenzen and is available at her blog knitandcurl.

There were some rules for the challenge,
- No changes to the pattern - only exact stitches and rows as Suzette developed the pattern.
- At least 3 owls of different sizes, but no more than 6 owls in total.

It has been great fun to see all these different owls being born, all so very unique and creative.
We now have a great variety of birds in this forest!

After voting (which was not an easy thing) the places were very close, but these three contributions was voted winners:

First place
Hanging out in the Fig Tree
by Cheryl Jackson

Second place
Four owls on a Branch
by Anita Schaeder

Third place
Owls in a Park
by Eleanor Ardern

...and last but certainly not least, enjoy these contributions from our talented members:

Going for a Ride
by Phyllis

Owl Family Ornament
by Teresa Petrino

A Family Photo
by Doreen

Hoot Hoot for Owls
by Alica Shea

Owls in an Apple Tree
by Kathleen Stuart

Mom and Dad and The Two Boys
by Lynda N.

Owl Broch
by Donna Barber

Papa, Mama and Baby Owl
by Kristalee Miller

Five Owls on the Balcony
by Margaret Ferren


Alisa said...

This was so much fun and I feel like I won even though I wasn't in the winners list. We are winners because we keep on doing our craft. We create what's in our heart. Thank you for letting me be a part of all of this and sharing with all of you.

Bobbie Ripperger said...

Wonderful entries - and great presentation, Anita!
And a big Thank You to Suzette Lenzen for donating the use of her original pattern to Threadanimals for the 2011 Fall Challenge.
Congrats to all!!

The TA Mods

Just Ming said...

Thank you for the lovely presentation!

Anonymous said...

How did I miss this? Two years later and I've finally seen all the entries. Great job, ladies!