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Threadanimals April 2009 Challenge
What is your bear's "Purse"onality?

The requirements of this challenge was to create an entry that included a bear and a purse. The following contests are the entries from our very talented group. Judging was done by the list aunties Bobbie, Berta, deBBie, and Berta.
Winning Entries are noted in GREEN.

A purse anyone would be beary glad to carry!

What Fun! This little purse was made by Pamela (teddyluvza).Pamela told Threadanimals that her entry "... is Penny, my little pursebear. She is 4" tall and is made from mohair."

For a Purse with a Bear Inside

This entry was done by Teresa (aka tpterrific ) It is a bear and duck inside an egg purse....about this darling entry she said "this took longer than I thought. It started with a fascination for what to do with allthe plastic eggs we have. My aim was to cover the lids with crocheted pieces,to give an elegant look and they simply snap open. I wanted to make it alsolook like a piece of jewelry which was why I chose the size 10 gold metallicthread. I could have glued the pieces directly onto the egg pieces, but I'm notsure what kind of glue to use and how it will work, so I still will beexperimenting. Given the lack of time, I instead, hand-sewed a 5 inch zipperand stiffened the golden egg. The strap/neclace part is made up of a crochetedrope of 5 single crochet stitches around, worked up with a size 7 hook andmeasures 21 inches long.Wauna Bear was crocheted also with size 10 thread and a size 2 Hook. She hasneedle felting done to her ears, face and paw pads. She measures 2.75 inches. She wears a custom made cape with a bird face since she lives in the egg withher bird friend. Isabella Bird measures 1 inch and is crocheted with size 30thread and a size 12 hook. My dd and I thought it would be cute to have Waunacarry Isabella around since she's so small so I created the little bag out ofsize 8 pearle cotton tatting thread and a size 7 hook. My DD was a good sportto model it and as you can see, they fit perfectly in the egg and she just loves them."

Honorable Mention
Most Creative Use of Materials

This entry is also from Teresa It is "GREEN" in more ways that one! She explained ..."The purse is a WIP that was started before Dec. of last year for my teendaughter. I graphed out my design based on whashe wanted and then singlecrocheted the pull tabs overlapping as I go, row by row with a size c hook andsize 10 thread. Preping them takes a lot of time which is why it hasn't beencompleted sooner.The tabs all need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly and then I use a littlemetal nail file to file down the jagged part so the thread won't get frayed. Iused 616 tabs in all not including the band along Terra, and "Terra" bear prettymuch sums up the motto to re-use what we can to help save the earth. She is alsomy own creation and is crocheted in size 10 thread with a size D hook andmeasures 4 1/2". "Terra" bear is wearing a pendant made up of a re-used scrabblepiece with the first letter of my daughter's name on one side and a picture ofthe earth on the other."

Honorable Mention
Most Original Concept

Sylvie from France created this lovely thread diary. She posted the following in threadanimals... "I needed a cover for the embrodery thread holder that I made from an old diary.The bear is made of uplostery velvet, gently stuffed with wool. The paws and eyeare made of leather.The front arm is out of the cover and the head is half out of the cover.He is 11,5 cm from top ear to feet, sewn on wool fabric. The inside is cottonfabric with plexi sheet between the two.The top cover is 17,5 cm x 13 cm.This is the first time I do appliqué and stumpwork.Hope my Bear's Purse onality fit to the challenge.Bonne journée, Sylvie in France"

The only Needle Felted Entry...TINY

Kristalee M. shares a miniature felted bear with his lovely flowered purse. "Thank you for the comment on my small needle felted bear not only was it for the challenge it was a challenge for me. He is close to my personal goal of making a 1 inch bear. I had alot of fun thanks again. Kristalee M..."



For a Purse with an Incorporated Bear

From Michelle K. a bear to wear! She told us a little bit about her lovely bear...
"I posted my Purseonality bear yesterday. This is a little drawstring pursew/the bear coming out of it. My daughter already has designs on it.Michelle "

Bags Bears Brag About

This entry is from Bev S. Two bears and purses from her collection.

Absolutely Intricate
Therese P. made this entry which includes an intricate beaded bag and very sweet tan bear.
Her Description...
"Little Bear" was crocheted from punch thread, stands 9cm tall (about 3-1/2inches). She is sporting a golden ribbon and a special feather in her hair.I used Berta's latest Easter Egg Bear pattern.The purse was knitted using a BagLady Press beaded pendant bag pattern thatI bought when I was in Chicago for Berta and Bobbie's workshop in August.It is 6 cm tall and 7 cm wide (about 2" by 3").I know I need lots more practice attaching parts together, and sculpting,but I see some improvement over my last couple bears. Practice makesperfect. Practice and more practice.ThereseSandpiperca2001Surrey, BC"
"I found the perfect purse!"

Phyllis in North Carolina made this lovely entry. It includes a yellow bear with a fuzzy bear face purse with circular handle. She says..."Solare is 5" tall. Her purse is made of eyelash yarn with embroidered features.the purse is 1" by 2" I used the masa bag purse pattern but instead of using astrap I used a paper ring. I used the bear pattern from the round robin. I don'tknow what type of yarn was used for the bear. It was yarn I got from a swap atmy lys last spring. face is embroidered with DMC metallic thread. I don't hopeto win I just wanted something to do while my DH was recovering from total kneereplacement.Phyllis in NC"
Smallest Entry, bear with a purse IN a purse

Micro bear and purse INSIDE a micro purse by Cheryl P. VERY itsy bitsy! She said
"Aimee ... was crochetedwith single crochet using mettlers silk finish 100% cotton thread with a .4mmhook. She stands just 1/4" tall. Her arms and legs do not move but she doesactually have polyfil inside her. Her little white purse on her shoulder is crocheted with the same thread and hook as with the larger purse Aimee is tucked away in. I designed this pattern last year for a swap on a micro minisgroup last year and had a blast making it again. I hope you guys enjoy her as much as I enjoyed making her."

The only knitted much work in this beautiful entry!

Mylyne made little honeydew and her knitted beaded purse... she also included a picture of the WIP so we could see how it was done.
"Hi, Everyone! While were in the subject of micro knitting, I've uploaded abeaded brooch purse knitted with "0000" needles to go with my Honey Dew (HoneyBear) entry. I thought that since men originally wore and used purses I'd namemy bear after the ideal man who responds to Honey Dew (that's "honey do this...or honey do that") Lol! Anyway I hope you drop by and visit my entry for thismonth."

Moderators Choice Award (tied with 17)
Best "Purse"onality

Do I count FIVE bears here...3 on the purse, one on the cell phone holder, a key chain, and a coin purse? And two of them have purse of their own. Good Job Mary L.
"Hi,to everyone.I love what you all have been doing.I have added my pics to thismonths challenge folder.My purses look sad next to all the others.So I hope youlike them any way. The main purse is 6 1/2"x9". Cell phone bag is 3"x3 1/2".Next pic. is a checkbook purse it's 4"x6 1/2" the bears purse is 1/2"x1/2".Keychain bear's purse is 1/2"x3/4".All the bears are 2 3/8". I hope I got all thatright. Hope you like them.Thanks, You all have a great day. Mary L"

Cuddliest, they belong in an easter basket!

This sweet little trio and their cradle purses come to us from Margaret F.
"I finally got around to participating in this compelling challenge. For sometime I have been wanting to make a cradle purse, my grand children are beyond the age, I thought. Then I had to make the bears to use them in different sizes.First is the green bear, she is Erin made of #20 cotton, standing just over2in., her purse is 4in h X 3in.5w. Barnie is blue standing 2.5 in with a purse2.5 h X 3.25 in w. made with # 10 cotton Lastly is Goldie standing just under1.5 in. & her purse is 2 in hX 1.75 in w Goldie is made with tatting cotton.I really enjoyed making these little cradles & have two more in the works forthe requestsBTW the 2 larger bags are made with ww yarn, the small with # 10 cottonThanks for letting me be a part of this groupMargaret"

This Gorgeous Entry reminded me of a song "He ain't Heavy"!

Daffodil was created by Kim S. otherwise known as KraftiKim. Her dress is removable and her little friend fits inside the silver starred purse.
"I have added my bear for the April challenge. I couldn't decide whether to do abear with a purse or a purse with a bear, so I decided to do both! MeetDaffodil and her baby buddy Sunny. Daffodil and her purse are crocheted usingNeedle punch thread. Daffodil stands just over 3" tall. Baby Sunny is needlefelted with hand dyed wool and stands just over 1". Hope you enjoy...Kim "

Best Friend for Shopping and Sleep Overs!

This brown bear with matching dress and purse was made by Carmen (aka Granny Karmi)
"Hi l just added Rosie to the album and she brought her big purse for all theshopping she like to do. And when she isn't shopping she can use it for her bed.Well take care and happy shopping."

Sweetest little entry.

Boni G. created this tinypurse with the a little bear attached. The dime is for size reference. She said "Hi LadiesI got my nerve up and put little pink Purse bear in the folder !!!! Whew I barley made it and picture taking is not my forte' Lol thanks for the encouragement hugs Boni"

Moderators Choice Award (tied with 12)
Best "Purse"onality

From Donna B. we have Blosmon, a little brown bear in a pink dress with a tiny purple purse. The purse has a bear applique.

This unusual entry was a group favorite.
For a Bear holding a Purse

A lovely cradled bear

These three amazing entries are from Sarah of Daisysnuggles.

Lizzy is 4 1/2"
bee purse 2 1/2"
Sammy is 3"
Holly is 8"
bee purse is 2"
Molly is 4"
purse is 5"
blanket is 3"

Chef and Cupcake purse by Kathleen aka CrochetKathleen, She says... "The bear andpurse are made from worsted weight yarn and is my own design."

Sweetest Feet

Becky AKA Crazzy Cow created this little beauty...or should I say beauties? She says.. "April..was crochetedwith single crochet using size 10 100% cotton thread with a 5hook. She is 5" tall. Her arms and legs move. Her little bag is aBracelet purse.crocheted withe the same thread and hook.I didnt have a pattern for my little guy. He was made with size 30thread and a 0.75mm hook. I never made anything that small. It tookalot of my time but its soooo cute. I hope you enjoy them asmuch as I enjoyed making them."

Best Travel Companion

This little blue bear with Crocheted purse was made by Carmen from Wisconsin. Carmen tell us "He's Mint Delight - my second bear ever. I decided to try the pattern"Monique" ( The pursepattern is the Crochet Hobo Bag( made in thread and a few minor adjustments at the top. It may behard to see, but the bag is all shell stitches - it looks very pretty inperson.The bear is about 3" long, or 2" sitting. The purse is 5" x 7" at thebottom. The bear was made with size 10 in Mint Green (muzzle was size30 in white); the purse was made with size 3 black thread. I've madethe purse pattern before - in yarn, and really liked it so decided totry making it with thread this time. I worked on this a few months agobut didn't finish it - I finally added lining and a zipper this week.Hope you enjoy!Carmen in WI" cnuland

Most Elegant Entry

Ronda made this beautiful beaded creation. Can you see the bear peeking at you?

"I just posted my "Purse"onality Bear. Please take a look. She's been to theGarden.This is Holly she is made out of light sand punch thread and stand's 2 inchessmall. As most of my bear's her muzzle is made out of clay and the pads of herfeet are buttons. Holly is holding a bouquet of flowers and has a small flowerbehind her ear. She is mounted on a change purse that is crocheted with samepunch thread, Crocheted right onto the clasp,and adorned with purpleflowers,pearl's and leaves like the ones in her bouquet. The handle is wirewrapped with purple swarovski crystals and pearls.Thank You Ronda"

Thanks Everyone Who Particpate.d...I NEVER want to try and judge anything again...It was impossible...they are all so good.

Love, deBBie (list mom)

Monday, April 13, 2009

The history of the Thread Bears Trademark

Recently several of the list aunties and the list mom as well as the threadanimals group itself were publicly implicated in trying to abuse someones trademark. In the past we have used legal recourses and civility to deal with the trademark issue. However, we did think that the record be set straight. The following is a timeline that shows the history of the trademark "Thread Bears" as well as other relevant trademarks.At the end of the time line is a link to a much more detailed open letter for those that wish to further examine the logistics of this case. This Time Line and open letter are the opinion of the blog owners and not to be considered legal counsel. Thank you for your time and support.

Time Line

1980s - 2000
~ Matt Walsh (New Mexico - Our Secrets, Ltd®.) begins use of term Thread Bears: receives Trademark (aka 'Mark') from USPTO (United Sates Patent & Trademark Office) - Thread Bears® in 1997
'Mark' has Objections to overcome: TM Act, Sections 2(e) and 2(f) in record from the beginning - USPTO deems M Walsh’s Response overcomes Section 2(e) -" 'Merely' Descriptive", but maintains TM Act, Sections 2(f) "Acquired Distinctiveness" (other Uses are applicable) remain in Mark
~Both Berta Hesen-Minten (B H-M) and Susan Aucoin/Emma Petersen (SA/EP) presenting miniature crocheted teddy bears and other designs to collectors in many different venues.
~B H-M - used trade name - B-Wear™
~SA/EP - used trade name - Divine Designs™

2000 - 2001
~Both parties brought their designs to online markets - websites, auctions and trade magazine coverage
~SA/EP receives TM Nov 2001 - Threadbare Designs™

~B H-M changes trade name to ThReAdTeDS™

~Descriptive and common use by all have caused phrase/term to lose Acquired Distinctiveness status, but remains as TM Act, Section 2(f)) to become Generic; no longer eligible for TM protection, and TM may be challenged at any time.
~USPTO required SA/EP to acquire Mark for Thread Bears® in order to Register "Thready Bears: Our Little Knotheads®"
~By 2003 'thread bear(s)' was the well-known phrase used by Collectors, world-wide bear makers, online web search engines, publications, etc... for these textiles in this International Class of Goods

~SA/EP post notice - 9 July 04 eBay 'Me' page; own Mark - Thread Bears®: no one may use it. 'Thread bears' also used incorrectly there—i.e., 'thread bears' - lower case: generically, descriptively— three times in this document.
~Too remote a notice to be considered "Public": SA/EP maintain not part of larger bear world due to limited funds: withal can hardly fault rest of world for not having seen a 'Notice' on last page of an auction site.
~SA/EP not use Thread Bears® to function as a proper 'Mark': repeatedly and consistently as adjective/noun descriptive phrase/term for own products, even used generically in own documents/website/patterns while requesting others not to use at all, through mid-2007, thus not using correctly and for what is expected of others.
~Select __few__ artists targeted of the hundreds using phrase are sent emails saying "Do not use the Mark 'Thread Bears®'
~To date, not all artists were contacted/'Policed': many used with complete freedom then; have continued to do so yet. B H-M was and remains primary focus (see latest SA/EP letter - March 2009)
~Policing must be continuous, consistent and 'across-the-board'. Consequence of continuous failure to police Mark: SA/EP have acquiesced to common and generic use of 'thread bears' by others.

~January - SA/EP apply for TM - Thread Teds by Thread Bears™, incorporating world-wide recognized, trade name of another artist - B H-M - ThReAdTeDs™ - into new TM application; 'Intent to Use' as of Jan 2005
~February - SA/EP begin inconstant 'policing' of Mark through email, select few chosen artists to email
~February - SA/EP cause eBay to pull multiple auctions containing the words 'thread' and 'bear' if placed together in auction text, ex: thread bear. Not all, just select few
~February - B H-M files to Register own trade name - ThReAdTeDs™ - use in commerce beginning early 2002
~Artists submit timely 'Letters of Protest' to USPTO against 'Thread Teds by Thread Bears™' application, to stop the absorption of B H-M's long-recognized trade name
~Artists decide there is evidence in the USPTO laws that covers Cancellation process as well, which is at the root of these cases. **See Open Letter: J. N Roberts letter
~Artists retain US Intellectual Property (IP) attorney to be guided through the law court system of Protest (TTs by TBs application)and Cancellation (TBs Mark) processes

~Benelux TM European Registration of ThReAdTeD® applied for and awarded, B H-M, citizen of the Netherlands, in accord with the USPTO International Agreements

~ 2 Feb (USPTO Office Outgoing Action) SA/EP required to disclaim 2 terms on application: thread teds and thread bears. Maintained and repeated yet to present date
~Decision on ThReAdTeDs® and Thread Teds by Thread Teds™ Marks are 'In Suspension'
awaiting outcome of Thread Bears® Cancellation proceeding

~Artists decide to use Summary Judgment rather than full court trial for Cancellation decision

~Summary Judge decides SA/EP retain Thread Bears® Mark

~ SA/EP application for Thread Teds by Thread Bears™ begins process of review again in USPTO: USPTO's 'Final Office Action' (3 Feb 2007) is stalling fruition: refusal to agree to both Disclaimers
~Use of 'thread bears' (lower case/descriptive use of the ingredients of a product, not to represent a Company's Trade Name, i.e., Thread Bears®) currently in private use is based on documents on official USPTO file: 24 Jan 2006 - J N Roberts, Administrator for Trademark Classification and Practice, as well as USPTO Final Office Action 14 Feb 2007


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Our challenge for February 2009

Was called "Little Red" and for this challenge participants had to create a thread animal or bear of their choice, however the final piece must be atleast 75% in the colour of red. We had 19 people rise to the challenge, and here are the winners first and then the rest of the entries. It must be said that everyone made lots of effort with their pieces and as you can see from the end result they did very well. It was very hard to choose the winners, but the members rose to the challenge and here now is the result.

The Winners

First place Prisoner of Love by Mylyne

Joint Second Place Hearthbreaker by Donna

Joint Second Place Carl the Cardinal by Teresa

Third place Be My Valentine by Peni

I think you will agree that these are very deserving winners. Next on to all the other entries, there are some amazing pieces here. Well done everyone for taking part. The next entries are offered in no particular order.

Mamma Mouse by Mamma Barb

Scarlette by Betsy

Puppy Love by Michelle

Scarlett by Nora

Ruby Red by Mamma Barb

Valerie by Alltradeswork

Valentina by Mary

Rudy by Joanne

Crandall the Cranky Crab by Carmen

Cupid by Holschenp

Mark Hall by Carmen

Sweetheart by Sunflower102999

Red Dragon by Dianne

Valentino by Lynn

Chocolates, what Chocolates by Nikki