Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our challenge for February 2009

Was called "Little Red" and for this challenge participants had to create a thread animal or bear of their choice, however the final piece must be atleast 75% in the colour of red. We had 19 people rise to the challenge, and here are the winners first and then the rest of the entries. It must be said that everyone made lots of effort with their pieces and as you can see from the end result they did very well. It was very hard to choose the winners, but the members rose to the challenge and here now is the result.

The Winners

First place Prisoner of Love by Mylyne

Joint Second Place Hearthbreaker by Donna

Joint Second Place Carl the Cardinal by Teresa

Third place Be My Valentine by Peni

I think you will agree that these are very deserving winners. Next on to all the other entries, there are some amazing pieces here. Well done everyone for taking part. The next entries are offered in no particular order.

Mamma Mouse by Mamma Barb

Scarlette by Betsy

Puppy Love by Michelle

Scarlett by Nora

Ruby Red by Mamma Barb

Valerie by Alltradeswork

Valentina by Mary

Rudy by Joanne

Crandall the Cranky Crab by Carmen

Cupid by Holschenp

Mark Hall by Carmen

Sweetheart by Sunflower102999

Red Dragon by Dianne

Valentino by Lynn

Chocolates, what Chocolates by Nikki