Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amazing things in January

In January our talented members have done some really amazing creations!

This tiny, tiny bear is only 12mm (0,47 inches) small! It is not crocheted but knotted using silk sewing thread. It is hard to believe it is possible to make something so small!

Knotted Mini Bear
by Berta Hesen Minten

This fabulous bike is crocheted by Mia Svensson, using a pattern designed by designer Gudrun Kulich.

by Mia Svensson

Linda McConnell made this tiny little needlefelted bunny named Jack, that with antlers turns into a Jackalope.

Jackalope and Jack The Bunny
by Linda McConnell

The tiny yorkie Lulu is the creation of Cheryl Jackson. It is Cheryl's own design and it is crocheted in punch thread that is brushed to make it look fuzzy.

by Cheryl Jackson
... and these are only a few of the great creations our members made in January!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's not all about Christmas in December

All creations done by our members in December has not been Santa's, angels and reindeers.
We have also seen white winter bears, a russian matryoshka doll, a warm green colored doll and even an easter duck.

by Angel at AngelsMinisAndMore

Tiny Matryoushka
by Antonina Taskaev

Sun Bonnet Sue Bear
by Claudia Woodward

by Eleanor Ardern

by Gloria Jean Dawson

Dobie Duck
by Lena Foong

by Becky Parker
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