Monday, January 25, 2010

Threadanimals Best of 2009 Challenge

The Threadanimals Best of 2009 Challenge was one of the toughest TA competitions to date!

This year's contest was slightly different than in year's past. The rules for the 2009 challenge called for each member to upload 3 entries of what they considered to be their finest work to the "Best of 2009" photo folder. Members were allowed to switch out their 3 designs throughout the year up until the deadline at which time the polls closed and the voting began.

There were a total of 48 entries this year and with the help of all those who took the time to carefully evaluate the entries and thoughtfully cast their vote, we were able to name 4 pieces to bestow the title "Best of 2009".

Congratulations to this year's winners!

In 1st place - Shenandoah ~ by Phyllis Swanson

In 2nd Place - Pacey ~ by Jessica Felton

In a tie for 3rd Place -

Sally~ by Ronda Chapman


Sally ~ by Joanne Noel

Thank You to all of the Threadanimal members who participated in the 2009 challenge & a big Thank You to those who voted! The "Best of 2010" folder is now open & is awaiting your entries. Remember~ each member is allowed to enter 3 pieces for consideration and the entries can be changed throughout the year, so no need to wait - start uploading today!