Tuesday, December 2, 2008

November in Threadanimals

Happy Thanksgiving from Threadanimals

November has been a fun month in for members of threadanimals. We have seen a lot of wonderful work done. Below is just a sample. To see all the art please visit the photo album of the group, located at www.groups.yahoo.com/group/threadanimals/photos

Novembers challenge, sponsored by Bobbie Ripperger was called "Stitches and Inches". Members were challenged to create a bear using interesting stitches, a unique stitch for every inch the bear was tall. Below are the three entries we received.

This little panda is named Merry, she was created

by member sweet_bearies

Sasha was made by Sunflower

Tiny Cortney was made by Merilyn.
All entries will be receiving a prize.

Some other interesting work we saw this month.

This amazing needle felted lion was done by Shannon Lueskow as a private commission.

The first THREAD topsy turvey doll I have seen. Very creative and fun! Anne and Beth were done by Sarah Daisy.

Another extraordinary crocheted bear done by Marrianne of Bearkidz.

A very unique peice, a needle felted squirrel done by Karen (needlefelter2)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in threadanimals....with many holiday offerings to put us in the mood.
Joey by Joanne

Santa by Donna L.
Pud by Becky

Sisterly Love, by Mary L.
A beautiful needle felted scene from Tammy M.

Krystal Winterbeary

by Linda H.

Here we Go!

by Therese Preece

A Christmas Bunny by Stephanie

Coming up in December:

We will be voting for the "Threadanimals of the Year" 2008. This award will go to the groups favorite bear this year.

We also will be having a Christmas around the World challenge sponsored by Bobbie which should be lots of fun and help us get to know each other better!

See you in threadanimals!

Love, deBBie (Group Owner)

A note to members of threadanimals....Please Post the name you want used with your picture when you put it in the album in the group...than if it is chosen it makes it easier to describe your bear.

Red by Michelle K.

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Catherine Cornelia said...

Thanks for asking for comments to the blog from the Yahoo Group. I never thought about posting a comment before. The work of the artists gets better every day. Wonderful inspiration.