Wednesday, November 20, 2013

There has been a LOT of discussion (fighting, upleasantness, etc) over the use of the term thread bear in light of the acquired "Thread Bears" trademark and their claims.  Below is an official lawyers opinion and will henceforth represent the official opinion of the owner of the Threadanimals yahoo and facebook groups.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Amazing things in January

In January our talented members have done some really amazing creations!

This tiny, tiny bear is only 12mm (0,47 inches) small! It is not crocheted but knotted using silk sewing thread. It is hard to believe it is possible to make something so small!

Knotted Mini Bear
by Berta Hesen Minten

This fabulous bike is crocheted by Mia Svensson, using a pattern designed by designer Gudrun Kulich.

by Mia Svensson

Linda McConnell made this tiny little needlefelted bunny named Jack, that with antlers turns into a Jackalope.

Jackalope and Jack The Bunny
by Linda McConnell

The tiny yorkie Lulu is the creation of Cheryl Jackson. It is Cheryl's own design and it is crocheted in punch thread that is brushed to make it look fuzzy.

by Cheryl Jackson
... and these are only a few of the great creations our members made in January!

To see more creations, visit the group at

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's not all about Christmas in December

All creations done by our members in December has not been Santa's, angels and reindeers.
We have also seen white winter bears, a russian matryoshka doll, a warm green colored doll and even an easter duck.

by Angel at AngelsMinisAndMore

Tiny Matryoushka
by Antonina Taskaev

Sun Bonnet Sue Bear
by Claudia Woodward

by Eleanor Ardern

by Gloria Jean Dawson

Dobie Duck
by Lena Foong

by Becky Parker
To see more creations, visit the group at

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

by Becky Parker
by Cheryl Jackson
Cheryl's Crocheted Collectibles

Beary Merry Christmas
by Alisa Shea

Little Christmas Bear
by Heli Christensen

by Joanne Noel
Joannes Wee Bears

by Gloria Dawson
Bearly a Handful

Little One
by Berta Hesen-Minten

Baby Rudolph
by Donna Barber

3 for Christmas
by Freda Ford

Candy Cane
by Kelly Cave

Christmas Bear
by Anita Schaeder

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2011 Fall Challenge - Owls!

The 2011 fall challenge was a fun project: 

Crocheting miniature owls!

    The pattern for the owl is developed by
Suzette Lenzen and is available at her blog knitandcurl.

There were some rules for the challenge,
- No changes to the pattern - only exact stitches and rows as Suzette developed the pattern.
- At least 3 owls of different sizes, but no more than 6 owls in total.

It has been great fun to see all these different owls being born, all so very unique and creative.
We now have a great variety of birds in this forest!

After voting (which was not an easy thing) the places were very close, but these three contributions was voted winners:

First place
Hanging out in the Fig Tree
by Cheryl Jackson

Second place
Four owls on a Branch
by Anita Schaeder

Third place
Owls in a Park
by Eleanor Ardern

...and last but certainly not least, enjoy these contributions from our talented members:

Going for a Ride
by Phyllis

Owl Family Ornament
by Teresa Petrino

A Family Photo
by Doreen

Hoot Hoot for Owls
by Alica Shea

Owls in an Apple Tree
by Kathleen Stuart

Mom and Dad and The Two Boys
by Lynda N.

Owl Broch
by Donna Barber

Papa, Mama and Baby Owl
by Kristalee Miller

Five Owls on the Balcony
by Margaret Ferren

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lots of Treats in October

See below some of the creations our members have made in October:

Carrie Anne
by Joanne Noel

by Lori Enyart

by Becky Parker
by Sarah Woods
by Eleanor
... and here are some creations made in a Halloween mood:

Maeve the Sock Monkey Witch
by Teresa Petrino

by Alison Farrow

by Deborah

To see more creations, visit the group at

Monday, January 25, 2010

Threadanimals Best of 2009 Challenge

The Threadanimals Best of 2009 Challenge was one of the toughest TA competitions to date!

This year's contest was slightly different than in year's past. The rules for the 2009 challenge called for each member to upload 3 entries of what they considered to be their finest work to the "Best of 2009" photo folder. Members were allowed to switch out their 3 designs throughout the year up until the deadline at which time the polls closed and the voting began.

There were a total of 48 entries this year and with the help of all those who took the time to carefully evaluate the entries and thoughtfully cast their vote, we were able to name 4 pieces to bestow the title "Best of 2009".

Congratulations to this year's winners!

In 1st place - Shenandoah ~ by Phyllis Swanson

In 2nd Place - Pacey ~ by Jessica Felton

In a tie for 3rd Place -

Sally~ by Ronda Chapman


Sally ~ by Joanne Noel

Thank You to all of the Threadanimal members who participated in the 2009 challenge & a big Thank You to those who voted! The "Best of 2010" folder is now open & is awaiting your entries. Remember~ each member is allowed to enter 3 pieces for consideration and the entries can be changed throughout the year, so no need to wait - start uploading today!